An an”noun”cement

An an”noun”cement

Listen everybody. I have an announcement to make.

It has come to my attention that I can no longer keep up with this charade. I must confess something I should have done about a year ago. This might shock some of you. So far I’ve been denying it for myself but I have to tell someone. I’ve thought about this long and hard. I haven’t lost sleep over it though. I know deep inside I have accepted the…

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Summer Lovin’ or something like that

Summer Lovin’ or something like that


Saturday on the sea

A heat wave hits your country and you want some relief. At least for a while. Hm, where to go?! Hit the beach? No. Swim? No.

Take a cruise on the sea of course. Nothing is better than feel the wind in your hair. When everyone else is sweating on the shore, you’re just enjoying the fresh air. But when you get home, you just want to go back.

Sounds like an ad for a cruise, eh?…

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An evening with Monty Python

An evening with Monty Python

The Dead parrot sketch

This week’s Weekly challenge looks quite interesting. I have at least 10 drafts saved so I do this editing thing quite a lot. I decided to write about the event. I was going to write about it anyway so this task is perfect for that.

So I went to see Monty Python live (mostly) on Sunday in our local movie theater. It was live via satellite from London’s O2 Arena. I was…

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