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Your wish is my command

Might be a stupid idea but here it goes.

Sometimes I have the urge to write something but I don’t know what. There’s so much in the world that I could write about. But what does people actually want to read. There’s so much bad happening in this world but sometimes you just want to read about positive things. Things like entertainment, art, photography or anything in between. (OK maybe not art…

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Blogging 201 (day 5): Give ‘Em what they want

Blogging 201 (day 5): Give ‘Em what they want

Like in the Pet shop boys song I Don’t Know What You Want but I Can’t Give It Any More

Looking at my stats, the most viewed post of all time is this.Others are writing challenges. What I write by my ‘own devices’ seems to lack viewers. Even though if they have readers (viewers) But challenges has helped me get my blog out there (where ever that is) If people read this blog or not, that I don’t…

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Blogging 201: Get Read all over

Blogging 201: Get Read all over

So day 4 of Blogging 201

My blog is mobile-friendly. But I don’t care if it is really. I only use the lap top and all those other new gadgets are just meh to me. But since there are people who are “obsessed” to be on the internet everywhere, I’m just gonna let them have it. If you can’t see this blog, then too bad. I won’t change it. As long as you can see my writing that’s all that matters.


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